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Apocalypse Essay Example For Students

Apocalypse Essay by: Luke HoaglandFOLLOWING IS AN IMPORTANT REVELATION BEING MADE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. THIS ISTHE ONLY TIME YOU WILL BE CONTACTED. Disclaimer: The following information contains predictions ofthe future. This has been written for people who want to knowwhat is on the horizon for humanity, and most importantly, WHATTHEY CAN DO ABOUT IT. Please understand that if you read thismaterial, you will be doing it by your own choice. If yourreaction causes you to want to report me to AOL for sendingunsolicited email, it could result in my account being closed. I dont ask that anyone believe what I say just because I sayit. I do ask that if you choose to read this material, pleasesuspend your judgment of it until enough time passes for itsvalidity to be proven or disproven. Please dont let yourpersonal beliefs cause you to want to deprive others ofreceiving this. Written October 20, 1996NOTE: This document is quite lengthy, so it might be best to either print itor copy it to your word processor so it may be read off-line. Dear Friend,The choice of whether or not to read this message all the waythrough may have important consequences for you as the eventsof our immediate future unfold. This is being done solely forthe benefit of others so that people may understand what to doabout the times now approaching humanity.What Im about toexplain will strike many people as ridiculous, because this kindof thing has been predicted over and over again and people arenot inclined to take things like this seriously. I am not youraverage tabloid psychic. In fact, Im not a psychic at all. Iam what could be called a modern day seer, but I prefer to bethought of as just a human being with an important message. I have studied prophecy and the techniques used to produce itfor many years now. Through a combination of my own findings,the prophecies of Nostradamus, the prophecies given by Jesusand the prophet Daniel, I have figured out the future ofhumanity. As stated above in the disclaimer, the readersbelief in what I say is not necessary at this point. This message has been written over and over again since Ifirst set out to do this. In previous versions, I have tried todescribe what will cause the rough times to come but everyoneis pretty much aware of the worlds problems and they dontreally need to have it all pointed out to them.Besides, itmakes the message unnecessarily long. I have therefore decidedto re-write this once again and limit myself to only listing theevents to come and explaining what everyone can do to savethemselves from destruction. What is about to happen in theworld will be unfair to all of us and people will need to knowthe way out.The end times are upon us now, and the time hascome for the way out to be explained more clearly. I feel thatthis is why I have been blessed with the ability to gain thisknowledge and I feel urgently pressed to share what I know withothers. First, I will list the events, complete with dates and biblicalreferences. The explicit detail given here will seem to bejust a bunch of nonsense I have pulled from out of the air. Alot of tedious study went into this though, and I have not beenthe only person involved in this study. I cannot give biblicalreferences for all of it because the bible simply does notexplain clearly enough, for it was not meant for thisinformation to become understood so clearly until close to thetime for it to happen. 1. Around New Years, 1997- Saddam Hussein will defiantlyforce President Clinton to make a move. Most likely, Saddamwill initiate another invasion and people will be slaughtered bythe hundreds, as was done in Kuwait. 2. At the end of January, President Clinton will launch amassive strike against Iraq, and Saddam will be killed. Thiswill anger the Russians because Iraq still owes them money fromthe cost of the war in 1990. As Russia is still having a hardtime financially since the collapse of the Soviet Union,Americas reaction to Saddam will be seen as inconsiderate ofRussias financial woes. France will join in the arguments,defending President Clintons decision with the attitude thatSaddams destruction was in the best interest of keeping peacein the world. Russia will still feel that its problems havenot been given enough consideration. By June, the egotismbetween America, France and Russia will become so intense thatthe discussion of it will be cut off and a silent hatred willsmolder for awhile. 3. In September 1997, even after a warning from the pope about theconsequences of another world war, Russia will suddenly invadeWestern Europe, starting WWIII. As a Russian naval fleet fromMurmansk positions itself along the French coast, Paris will bedemolished overnight by the Russian Air Force. American troopswill be sent to counter the invading Russian and Moslem forces,and battles will take place all over southern France. Afterfleeing from the invasion of Italy, the pope dies at Lyon onDecember 13th. 4. The war will last three years and seven months, ending inMarch 2001, immediately after the rapture. (Daniel 12:7)Fortunately for Americans, the fighting will be most heavilyconcentrated on the European continent as Russia attempts totake the whole place into its possession. (A vaguedescription of WWIII can be found in the last chapters ofDaniel.)5. Jesus said no one knows the exact date or hour of Hisreturn, but the approximate period can be determined. Therapture lasts forty-five days, taking place in February andMarch 2001, beginning 1,290 days after the start of the war andending 1,335 days after the start of the war. (Daniel12:11-12) It begins when the second pope after John Paul IIintroduces a messiah in February 2001 (Matthew 24:15)6. Jesus description of the rapture: (Matthew 24:15-28)Jesus description of extra-terrestrials targeting theaftermath of the false messiah scene: (Matthew 24:27-28)Jesus description of the collection of the false messiahsafter the rapture is compl eted and the stunned reaction of thepeople to the display of extra-terrestrial spacecraft in theskies: (Matthew 24:29-31)The remainder of this explanation should help the readerunderstand how to escape destruction. Some who read this willsuspect that I am only creating confusion so that people will bemisled. Some may even accuse me of being one of the falseprophets I speak about. Some will automatically cringe at thesight of the name Jesus and assume Im just a preaching holyroller. Others will laugh when they finish reading and assume Imust be crazy. Indeed, this story will get harder and harder tobelieve as I go. There will be at least a few people though,who will recognize that the description given by Jesus hasactually been clarified and the truth about the end will beunderstood clearly. I will leave it to the reader to make hisown conclusions. Death Penalty Essay ConNow this is where the story gets extremely unbelievable. Itwas meant to be this way though, because faith and understandingof Jesus teachings is what will cause these people to end up inthis situation. The sheer craziness of what happens next iswhat will make it okay for me to go ahead and reveal it. Nobodywill believe it anyway unless they can thoroughly understand thecause of the division of the people as described above. Here isbasically why the followers of the messiah will divide Thepeople of the world are already divided right now. The falsemessiahs purpose is to lovingly draw everybody together. Those who want to remain in a divided state will cause the crowdto divide. Those who are frightened away will be the ones whogenuinely want unity, although most of them wont understandthis at the time because it will all be so confusing. The painthey will go through from witnessing the riot and then beingleft behind even though they didnt do anything wrong willleave an irrevocable impression on them. The lesson it willteach them is the reason they will be rescued. As these weeping people stay close to their dead friends andloved ones, feeling completely helpless, and starving half todeath, with no way to provide for themselves, they will sit inthe darkness of the night and see something strange in the sky. Beautiful, majestic lights will speed toward them, and in aflash, there will be these gigantic machines hovering in the airover them. Glorious colored floods of light will radiate fromunderneath and everyone will begin to float up through the airand into the beautifully lit crafts. Then, instantly, they willall be gone and since these people will have been left for deadanyway, nobody will even notice that they are missing. They will be transported to another planet far away from here,where they will be the honored guests of everyone there,visitors to a Heavenly Kingdom, respected by everyone because ofwhat they had to go through. Meanwhile, back on Earth, thethousands of clones of the false messiah they have planted willbe busy causing the same process all over the planet for a totalperiod of forty-five days. Then, after every person in the world has had exposure to themessiah scene, the messiahs themselves will all be collected andthe remaining people of the Earth will be stunned by therealization of what has happened. People will cry out in painas everybody witnesses the beautiful displays ofextra-terrestrial spacecraft dancing through the skyeverywhere. The war will stop then, and the leaders of thecountries will realize what they have been doing as they havejust missed the rapture. The remaining people of the world willfeel a pain that will last a long while and there will be aperiod of sober peace but everyone will still be suffering dueto all the social damage. The leaders of the world willconsider how the extra-terrestrials have succeeded in not doingwhat the world has been engaged in since 1997. Then the idea of a single government for the whole world willoccur to them so that they can dispose of the nuclear weaponsand stop fighting with each other. But they will findthemselves in a dilemma over who should be the leader. TheRussians will elect a new president of Asian Buddhist descentwho has the same spiritual healing abilities as that of thefalse messiahs. Then when this choice is not accepted by theother leaders of the world, the conflict will start all overagain. The Russians will require those who agree with the ideato accept a mark of identification so that they may bedistinguished from everyone else. The citizens of Russia whorefuse the mark will be tortured and if they dont give in, theywill be killed. The U.S. government and the peoples of Asia will all recognizewhat has happened, and as the whole world tries to stop whatRussia is doing, the Russians will finally launch nuclearweapons. Then the rest of the world will begin firing back atRussia and the holocaust will burn like the fires of Hell. Those who die from refusing the mark will have saved theirsouls, for they will have died in righteousness as Jesus did. They will therefore live again, as Jesus did. After the war of the antichrist finally ends in 2026(according to Nostradamus,) those of us who were rescued willmake a new start here, after the destruction of the war iscleaned up for us. No one will ever want there to be a need forauthority figures, so no one will engage in crime. Those whotry to commit a crime will have their peers to answer to andeveryone will regard the harmony of the community as precious. There will be no monetary system and everyone will simply do thekind of work he or she enjoys (no taxes!) Everyone will simply go to theperson or organization who provides whatever he or she needs,and everyone will gain their sense of security from how wellthey do their work. Instead of depending on money for security,people will get their security from the strength of theirintegration in the community. The community itself will becalled The Father and the family these people will formtogether all over the globe will propel them into thetechnological age with such a force that they will soon expandthe boundaries of what man calls home. Humanity will becomepart of the intergalactic neighborhood that has been out thereall along, watching us quietly. Anyone who has done well enough to survive on their own untilthe messiah scene reaches his/her home town should avoid thechaos altogether by simply staying away from it as Jesusinstructed. These fortunate people should stay aware of thescene from a distance though, until after the rioting passes andthe messiah leads his followers away. Then they should join thecrying people left over. The dead bodies scattered about thearea is the sign the extra-terrestrials will be looking for. As the lightning in the east flashes to the west, so will thecoming of the Son of Man be. Where the carcass lies, there thevultures gather. Jesus (Matthew 24:27-28)Category: Religion

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